Guiding You Through Your Probate And Estate Administration Matter

Probate and estate administration can be confusing processes for anyone who has not been through them before. Typically, it is a good idea to work with a lawyer, especially if the estate has complex assets.

At the law office of Albert F. Pennisi, P.C., I assist people in New York with probate and estate administration for estates of all sizes, including multimillion-dollar estates. I am a probate attorney with the experience to probate any type of estate. If disputes arise during the process, I can represent you in probate litigation cases. I am well-known in Queens County, and I often receive referrals from lawyers who lack the experience to probate complex estates or resolve disputes.

Comprehensive Probate Experience

Because I also have considerable experience drafting and executing wills, I understand all aspects of estate planning documents. You can rely on my knowledge and skill with matters such as:

In addition to probate and estate and trust administration, I can help you resolve probate disputes. If you suspect that undue influence, fraud, misappropriation of assets or lack of testamentary capacity occurred, you can contest the will or trust. As your attorney, I will investigate the allegations and determine whether there are reasons to challenge the estate. When appropriate, I can also remove fiduciaries and return misappropriated assets to the estate.

I Am Prepared To Help You Through The Probate Process

For a free, 30-minute consultation in Queens or Nassau County, please call my law office at 718-509-6344 or contact me online.